The end of a beautiful friendship?

Honestly, you think you know someone—you've known them all your life; you camped in the back garden with them as a kid; you shared a pram with them; hell, you've shared Jacuzzis with them; you wouldn't hesitate taking a bullet for them—and then something like this happens:

Carolyn: ...You'll become one of those Grumpy Old Men next!
Richard: Actually, I already am one! Haven't you seen my list?
Carolyn: Is that list in any order? And what's wrong with Phil Collins - I LIKE Phil Collins - actually I'm sure I used to fancy him!

Not like this, Carolyn. Not like this!

3 thoughts on “The end of a beautiful friendship?

  1. I was once in a London cab (the type with doors that lock until you've paid the fare) and the driver had Mr. Collins blaring out for 45 felt like the road to hell. he was a stage school kid, ya know....and you don't get worse than that!

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