As announced yesterday, all day today, I'll be live-blogging my trip to London to meet those awfully nice chaps from the Beagle Project.

Keep your eyes on the frame to the left (or click the link below it to open a separate mini-window). There is no need to refresh your screen: it will happen automagically.

While you're at it, why not make a donation to the Beagle Project?

You know you want to.

Postscript: The live-blogging session is now over. A full transcript of it can be read here. Unfortunately, some of the participants have since deleted their accounts, meaning their entries have also disappeared, meaning that I appear to be talking to myself at times!

2 thoughts on “Live-blogging

  1. From the QI site:

    QI Quote of the Day

    Evolution is a change from a no-howish, untalkaboutable, all-alikeness to a somehowish and in general talkaboutable not-all-alikeness by continuous sticktogetherations and something-elseifications.

    WILLIAM JAMES (1842-1910)

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