A Year at Bottengoms Farm

by Ronald Blythe.

Very gentle, very English book from a C. of E. lay canon.

A Year at Bottengoms Farm

This book wasn't at all what I expected. I bought it as part of a Ronald Blythe three-book-purchase deal on Amazon, and read it first because it was the thinnest, and I didn't want to take another thick book away on holiday with me.

I was expecting the book to be mainly musings about Blythe's local village and the surrounding Sussex countryside—which I suppose it was—but, what I hadn't realised is that Blythe is a Church of England lay canon, and the pieces contained within this book originally appeared in The Church Times. So there was also quite a lot of religion in the book. Religion of the today-I-gave-a-sermon-on-the-subject-of-X variety.

But, suprisingly, this born-again Atheist really enjoyed Blythe's very gentle, very English book.

I am looking forward to reading the other two (much thicker) books from my Amazon purchase. But I dare say they won't be at all what I expect.

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