Finally some appreciation!

Anonymous emailer Ken Keenes writes:

I am mightily impressed by gruts which I stumbled upon quite by chance whilst researching fart related material via google. Actually, that is not strictly correct as I was looking for 'trapped wind' which I suppose is quite the opposite of fart. Nevertheless, your site is wondrous to behold because of the grammatical clarity and, in my opinion, proper use of punctuation.

I despair at some of the inane ramblings which appear on the internet which are clearly written by someone a) drunk, b) on drugs, c) both, but more importantly who did not pay full attention to English lessons while at school.

Glad to see all those hours of grammatical hell in Messrs Harrison's and Stephens' English lessons weren't a complete waste of time, Ken. I rather pride myself on my punctuation: I think it's important. I make a point of methodically punctuating all of my text messages, and pretending not to be able understand anyone who uses those silly SMS abbreviations. It drives my sister up the wall.

Now all I need is some content to match the quality of the punctuation. Not much chance of that, I'm afraid.

Somebody got out of bed the wrong side this morning

Commenter 'dont like people like you' (I don't think that's their real name) writes:

youre hecker freaking stupid. you people who just mess around with stuff like that are hollow butts and XXXX. didnt get it. didnt like it. go to HxLL, maybe they'll appreciate it.

Very well put! If only all Gruts commenters were of such calibre (no offence). But why on earth would I want to go to Hull?

You can see what provoked this constructive bout of criticism here.