Wind farms versus goat farms

BBC: Wind farm 'kills Taiwanese goats'

A large number of goats in Taiwan may have died of exhaustion because of noise from a wind farm.

A farmer on an outlying island told the BBC he had lost more than 400 animals after eight giant wind turbines were installed close to his grazing land.

The Ministry of Agriculture says it suspects that noise may have caused the goats' demise through lack of sleep.

The power company, Taipower, has offered to pay for part of the costs of building a new farmhouse elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in other news, the total number of Taiwanese goats killed by nuclear powerstations remains at zero.


A happy and bloody freezing new year to you all!

Our garden thermometer bottomed at -5°C last night. Freezing fog has covered all of the trees in hoar frost, and Hebden Bridge looks like bloody Narnia this morning. I've just fed the birds (fat balls and seed: bread isn't much good when it's this cold), and offered some very anxious brass monkeys a blanket. Time to put the kettle on and settle down with a good book.

Unless your kettle is powered by wind-generated electricity, that is. Not much of that today, huh? Nor yesterday. Not a breath of wind. The scores of silly turbines defiling the local hillsides are doing sod all in this weather.

It was the same when I climbed Moel Famau on Christmas Eve. Dozens of wind turbines doing sweet fuck all in the Beaufort Scale zero non-wind.

And that's when it dawned on me. Do you know who's really behind the reckless, ill-advised push for wind powerstations? Vegetarians, that's who.

Just think: twenty years from now, we've neglected to replace our wonderfuel nuclear powerstations, coal and gas are a no-no, and all we've got to cook our Christmas turkeys in is our wind-powered electric ovens. Then we get a Christmas like the one just gone, and all us meat eaters are eating raw turkey and dropping dead of salmonella.

Vegetarians, I tell you.


Some of my fondest memories are from my childhood holidays on the east coast of Anglesey. Every summer, we would stay in a caravan with magnificent views across to Puffin Island and the Great Orme at Llandudno. My parents still go there several times a year. My mum has been going there for over 60 years.

Today, some wanker in Whitehall has authorised the construction of 250 turbines 540ft tall slap bang in the middle of my favourite view. It will be the second biggest offshore wind powerstation in the world.

What makes this utter waste of money and environmental vandalism even more annoying is the fact that there's a nice, discreet nuclear powerstation just around the corner which needs replacing, but nobody has the balls to do anything about it.

Faffing about

Telegraph Wind turbines would need to cover Wales to supply a sixth of country's energy needs

An area the size of Wales would need to be covered in wind turbines to meet just a sixth of the nation's daily energy needs, according to a new study that has cast doubt over the Government's push for wind energy.

(Note how the Telegraph's journalist bizarrely transforms 'an area the size of Wales' into meaning quite literally Wales in the story's headline.)

Time to stop faffing about and invoke the nuclear option.