To: Bernard Davey (the weatherman)

Bernard Davey, the Weatherman,
The Met. Office,

19th February, 1990.

Dear Mr Davey,

I caught your forecast after the Six o'Clock News this evening and, quite frankly, I was amazed.

Now, I know as much about weather forecasting as your average aborigine knows about downhill skiing, but forecasting fog and gales not 20 miles apart just doesn't ring true to me. Are you sure it wasn't a misprint? Do I get the prize for spotting the deliberate mistake? Is this a record?

When I was at school, we were taught that the Californian fruit growers cover their young shoots with paper cones in frosty/foggy weather to protect them from the cold. The reason that the cones don't blow away is that you don't get fog in windy weather. Was my geography teacher wrong? He certainly seemed to know what he was talking about to me!

Yours sincerely,

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