To: The Bishop of Durham

The Bishop of Durham,
c/o Durham Cathedral,
County Durham.

10th June, 1990.

Dear Bishop,

Now here's a thing: I hear tell that they've resurrected (if you'll forgive the expression) that old abolition of the House of Lords chestnut and that they are thinking of replacing the House of Lords with a democratically-elected second assembly.

As one of the House's hereditary bishops, what are your views on this subject? Would you be prepared to stand for election, or would you take the view that being a bishop would give you an unfair advantage over your political rivals? What if one of your opponents were another bishop? Which party, if any, would you represent? What about the argument that you should keep religion out of politics and vice versa? These moral dilemmas would all require answers.

Personally speaking, I think I can safely say that you would get my vote any day of the week, although, I'm afraid to say, I probably would not give any of the other lordly bishops the time of day.

One last thing: I was watching some of your fellow lords on the television this morning and, I was pleased to hear how much common-sense they were spouting. Most of my friends seem to think that they are a bunch of anachronistic relics, but they are wrong. How nice it is to listen to reasoned debate for a change: such a change from "another place". I'm sure you don't need advice, but, if I were you, I would pay very close attention to what is being said in the Lords - especially by Lord Hailsham.

Best of luck in your forthcoming election campaign,

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