To: Margaret Thatcher

The Rt.Hon. Mrs. Thatcher, PM,
No 10, Downing Street,
London. SW1.

12th November, 1990.

Dear Prime Minister,

Now here's a thing: just a short note to congratulate you on your rousing speech in front of the Lord Mayor of London this evening: I never realised that you were such a keen cricket fan. This is right on and completely unexpected in a woman.

With reference to the almost inevitable forthcoming leadership test series, I wish you the best of British. Make sure you keep a straight bat and that you're not bowled any googlies. Above all, ensure that you knock up enough sixes before tea to avoid the follow-on. But I'm sure your advisers will have told you this already.

Let's hope all this re-election nonsense quickly blows over and you can get back to more serious business like telling the French what's what. [Incidentally, I hear you're planning to give your Channel Tunnel link-up speech in French - not to be recommended; the last person to try that was Ted Heath and he made a right old fool of himself.]

Here's hoping it's not a sticky wicket.

Yours sincerely,

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