Edwina Curry

Note: An acquired taste: the smallest of portions is usually quite enough for most people.


  • 2-3 eggs (unpasteurised)
  • Lashings of cheesy innuendo
  • 4 fl.oz. prime minister
  • 180lb beefsteak (well-hung)


  1. Make a hash out of eggs.
  2. Retire temporarily from public gaze.
  3. Concoct bonkbuster with plenty of Houses of Parliament sauce, adding plenty of gratuitous beefsteak.
  4. Stir in plenty of cheesy innuendo.
  5. Place prime minister in compromising position.
  6. Air in public for 2 weeks.
  7. Leave simmering.
  8. Wait until reviews disappoint.
  9. Serves you right!

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