I try not to refer to my slightly more serious Charles Darwin website too often on this site, but my regular Gruts reader might be amused by this.

Suit yourself.

God endorses Darwin!

It was like something out of The Blues Brothers (my all-time favourite film, incidentally). The London Natural History Museum yesterday afternoon:

Darwin bathed in light, the Great Hall, Natural History Museum

Cue the celestial music! Statue of Charles Darwin, bathed in heavenly light!

If I'm totally wrong, and there really is someone up there, He's probably trying to tell us something…

Looks as if God endorses Darwin!

Doing a spot of research

When heroes align


Regular Gruts readers (there are such creatures, apparently) will know that I occasionally like to point out logical fallacies in people's arguments. Sometimes, however, the people in question take all the skill out of it.

[Hat-tip to Pharyngula.]

What better way to get Darwin Bicentenary Year off to a flying start

…than by showing a scientifically accurate and not at all gratuitous video of the evolution of a sexy, German robo-chick?

[via The Dispersal of Darwin]


As announced yesterday, all day today, I'll be live-blogging my trip to London to meet those awfully nice chaps from the Beagle Project.

Keep your eyes on the frame to the left (or click the link below it to open a separate mini-window). There is no need to refresh your screen: it will happen automagically.

While you're at it, why not make a donation to the Beagle Project?

You know you want to.

Postscript: The live-blogging session is now over. A full transcript of it can be read here. Unfortunately, some of the participants have since deleted their accounts, meaning their entries have also disappeared, meaning that I appear to be talking to myself at times!