Books I read in 2005

A list of the 13 books read by me during 2005.

Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary
by R D Keynes
A complete transcript of Darwin's Beagle Journal.

Evolution's Captain
by Peter Nichols
Biography of the captain of HMS Beagle.

by Neal Stephenson
Historical page-turner.

The da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown
International bestseller.

by Carl Zimmer
An excellent introduction to evolution.

Granta 89: The Factory
by Ian Jack (ed.)
The rise and fall of industry.

The Ancestor's Tale
by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins's lavishly illustrated magnum opus-cum-coffee table book.

Darwin and the Barnacle
by Rebecca Stott
Charles Darwin's eight-year barnacle odyssey.

Granta 90: Country Life
by Ian Jack (ed.)
Great collection of writing, loosely themed on the countryside.

Don't You Have Time to Think?
by Richard P Feynman
The Correspondence of physicist, Nobel laureate and bongo player, Richard Feynman.

by Redmond O'Hanlon
How to go mad on a boat.

Granta 91: Wish You Were Here
by Ian Jack (ed.)
Collection of excellent writing on no particular theme.

Granta 92: The View from Africa
by Ian Jack (ed.)
Collection of writing mostly about Africa.