Symmetrical book stacking—just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947!

No human being would stack books like this!

Seems to me we need some sort of ‘overflow’ facility.

Our spare back bedroom this morning.

League of bald-headed men

Down the pub with the in-laws yesterday, I attempted to take a group-selfie. It did not go to plan. But I kind of like the documentary feel of the resulting photo:

Unsuccessful group-selfie.

Robot butlers

I was complaining to Jen the other day that, when I was a boy, everyone said that, by this time, we’d all have robot butlers and flying cars. But, on reflection, the biggest technological improvements I’ve seen during my life are:

  • ring-pulls on cans on beans;
  • longer-lasting, less leaky batteries;
  • brighter bulbs on electric torches.

Jen reckoned, if they hadn’t frittered away quite so much time on batteries and torches, we would almost certainly have had our robot butlers by now.

Someone got their priorities wrong.

Amateur scholar

BBC News: Londoner solves 20,000-year Ice Age drawings mystery

A fascinating idea, which I hope bears scrutiny—although I expect it will receive a lot.

But my immediate reaction was to question why on earth the BBC felt the need to describe this gentleman as a ‘Londoner’. What has that got to do with anything? So, here are some alternative headlines for you:

  1. Balding man wearing spectacles solves 20,000-year Ice Age drawings mystery
  2. Man in blue-and-white striped shirt solves 20,000-year Ice Age drawings mystery
  3. Amateur scholar solves 20,000-year Ice Age drawings mystery

Personally, I’d have gone with 3—even though it makes absolutely no mention of our glorious capital.