Optical allusions

Admiring a stunning rainbow with my better half…

Me: Apparently, the laws of optics have changed… Rainbows didn’t exist until after Noah’s flood. God created them as a promise to the world that He would never flood it again.

Jen: All I can say is He seems to have taken His eye off the ball this morning.

Cousin Chris

My music-streaming service (Tidal) just recommended some hip-hop to me. The only reason I can conceive it might do this is if the algorithm decided some chap named ‘Chris Carter’ might be my cousin.

(Links are not endorsements.)

“I take my responsibilities seriously”

…says former Prime Minister who failed to turn up at five consecutive Cobra coronavirus meetings.

Guardian: ’It is sad to be leaving … for now’: Boris Johnson’s resignation statement in full

Boris Johnson says he is amazed the privileges committee was proceeding against him.

Meanwhile, in other news…

Guardian: Sunak approves Boris Johnson honours list including aides linked to Partygate

Sunak is likely to face criticism for approving the list while Johnson is facing police and parliamentary inquiries over Partygate.


Symmetrical book stacking—just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947!

No human being would stack books like this!

Seems to me we need some sort of ‘overflow’ facility.

Our spare back bedroom this morning.