I'll tell you what, Prince Andrew hasn't half let himself go!

BBC: Humphrey shattered by time in Chinese jail

Spirifer hawkinsii

Compare and contrast:

Brachiopod fossils illustration

An illustration of a pair of Spirifer hawkinsii brachiopod fossils collected by Charles Darwin in the Falkland Islands during the Beagle voyage on 22nd March, 1833.

Stense holding brachiopods

A pair of Spirifer hawkinsii brachiopod fossils being held by Stense at the Natural History Museum in London last week.

Full story on the Friends of Charles Darwin website.

(Thanks, Stense!)

Fowl criminal

Hebden Bridge Times: Leeds man smuggled £6.5m of drugs in frozen chickens

Apparently, his friends suggested he go cold turkey, but he got the wrong end of the stick entirely.

Can't really say fairer than that...

Guardian: Fall lyrics 'hard to hear', admits judge in copyright case

It has come to something

…when the most compelling thing to be found on television is a live video-feed of a patch of mud at the bottom of a pond:

Stickleback nest

A stickleback nest this morning.

And on that bombshell...

Clarkson paraphrases ‘I have been a monumental bell-end’ for the benefit of Radio 2 listeners:

BBC: Jeremy Clarkson: 'Top Gear exit was my own silly fault'

The Guardian answers the questions we dare not ask...

Guardian: How to make the perfect mango lassi