Molly Carter (2006–2021)

My late mum’s dog (and, since 2009, my dad’s dog and companion), Molly, died yesterday, exactly 12 years to the day after my mum died.

Molly was, as I’m sure you’ll realise, the best dog ever. We’ll all miss her.

Thanks, Pups!

Molly, 2007
Molly, 2021

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Dangerous perversion

BBC News: Doctor Hossam Metwally poisoned partner in ‘exorcism ritual’
An anaesthetist who poisoned his partner in a series of botched exorcism ceremonies is facing jail.
Hossam Metwally, 61, performed a “dangerous perversion” of the Islamic Ruqya ritual on Kelly Wilson at the couple’s home in Grimsby.

The implication seems to be that not all exorcism ceremonies are dangerous perversions. I beg to differ.

Time flies

How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that I was remarking in astonishment that my favourite school- and college-days pin-up, Cheryl Ladd from out of Charlie’s Angels, was 50 years old.

But it wasn’t only yesterday; it was precisely 20 years ago today.

So, today, to mark her 70th (Seventieth… Jee-zuss!) birthday, I shall mostly be listening to Cheryl’s classic 1978 eponymous album—and, in particular, track 3: Skinnydippin’.

Cheryl Ladd's eponymous album

Happy birthday, Cheryl!

Jobsworth at work

It’s great to see the post-Brexit Great British workforce, having thrown off the shackles of woke, EU red-tapery, has finally been allowed to rediscover a sense of pride in its work.


It’s craftsmanship and a work ethic like this that put us on the moon! 🇬🇧

Face down

For a brief moment this morning, I thought I’d spotted a corpse in the river at the back of the Co-op.

Not a corpse

Missing cat

BBC: Houston tiger: Animal missing for a week located
The animal was spotted out on the streets on 9 May. When officers arrived at the scene, a man [who was on bail for murder] put the tiger into an SUV and drove off, police said. Houston Police attempted to follow the vehicle but lost sight of it a short time later.

…I think I might have been tempted to lose sight of it too.