Bit of a major scoop for Gruts, this one…

You know that Nigel Tufnel from out of Spinal Tap?

Nigel Tufnel

Nigel Tufnel from out of Spinal Tap.


It turns out that, not only is Nigel Tufnel an accomplished guitarist, but he's also a talented drummer. Understandably, given Spinal Tap's tragic history with drummers, Tufnel has never dared to play the drums on stage with the band.

However—how's this for a scoop?—I have managed to unearth rare footage of Nigel Tufnel playing drums for Nils Lofgren from out of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The clip is taken from The Old Grey Whistle Test, May 1976:

Tap meets Springsteen: how Gruts is that?

Only second?

BBC (Evan Davis): The case for making Hebden Bridge the UK's second city
Birmingham and Manchester are usually mentioned when the subject of Britain's second city comes up. But is Hebden Bridge—population 4,200—the rightful owner of the title?

I'm tempted to say it should be first, but I have divided loyalties. As we all know, Liverpool is currently the UK's first city.