I'm sorry, I have a kazoo

On Friday evening, Jen and I went to St George's Hall in Bradford to watch two recordings of the long-running comedy radio panel game, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Sandi Toksvig stood in for regular chairman Jack Dee. The panel comprised Jeremy Hardy, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Barry Cryer. I couldn't help noticing that, at 49, I was almost certainly the youngest person in the building. Furthermore, despite being in the centre of Bradford, there wasn't a single non-white face in the house.

In the second half of the show, we, the audience, were asked to play a number of tunes on the kazoos provided, which the panel had to try to identify.


A pair of kazoos on Friday.

A theatre full of white, middle-aged people playing the theme from The Archers to Sandi Toksvig on kazoos. You don't get more Radio 4 than that.

2014 in a nutshell

It's that time of year again! Here is my fourth annual video slideshow review of the year:

(Click the play button and then the arrows next to the word Vimeo to view the slideshow in full-screen mode.)

As per the previous three years' slideshows, this year's slideshow contains 97 photos. I am nothing, if not consistent.

Once again, I composed the ambient pap backing track on my iPad. It is called Delhicatessen.

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