How do you like them apples?

Conversation with Carolyn in my car yesterday:

—Richard, why have you got a cooking apple in your cup-holder?
—It’s not a cooking apple; it’s an eating apple.
—No way! What sort?
—It’s a cox.
—What?! It’s absolutely ENORMOUS! I’ve never seen a cox that big before!
—I don’t think you’re allowed to say that.
—[Howls with laughter] …But, seriously, all the other coxes I’ve ever seen have been absolutely tiny!
—You need to stop this right now!

Charles Az-no-more

BBC: Charles Aznavour, French singing star, dies at 94

French singer and songwriter Charles Aznavour has died at 94 after a career lasting more than 80 years, a spokesman has confirmed. The performer, born to Armenian immigrants, sold more than 180 million records and featured in over 60 films.

When she was very young, my kid sister could never figure out why we should thank Kevin for little girls.

(Kevin was our next-door neighbour.)

Not considering all the options

Guardian: No-deal Brexit better than Canada-style deal, says Theresa May

A no-deal Brexit would be better for the UK than any Canada-style free trade agreement allowed by the EU, Theresa May has argued…

That’s as may be (but probably isn’t). But no Brexit at all continues to remain by far and away the best option. It’s amazing the Prime Minister can’t get her head around such a total no-brainier. It’s almost as if she thinks trying to save the Tory Party should be the priority. That’s what Cameron thought—and look where that arsehole landed us.