Ring pull

Yesterday was Jen’s and my 30th anniversary as a couple. To mark the occasion, we popped down the local Register Office to sign up for one of those newfangled civil partnership thingies. …And they say I don’t know how to play the long game!

Undisclosed sum

BBC: Prince Andrew settles US civil sex assault case So, that’s the end of that for the nonce. Phew! I’m very relieved. With Prince Andrew’s popularity soaring once again, now would seem the perfect time to scoop all the dripping out of our commemorative, black and white Fergie & Andy wedding mug and put it… Continue reading Undisclosed sum


Me…?The First Lord of the Treasury…?Here, in this place…?At an illicit party…?With unelected bureaucrats…?With my reputation…? (......BINGO!)

Pimms Questions

BBC: '100 invited' to Downing Street garden lockdown drinksAs many as 100 people were invited to a “bring-your-own-booze” drinks event in the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown, it is understood. […] But Boris Johnson has declined to say whether he was among those there. (See what I did, there?)

Punning the depths

Jen accidentally dropped a prune down our kitchen plughole yesterday… I asked whether we needed to call a plummer.