No human being would stack books like this! Seems to me we need some sort of ‘overflow’ facility.

National New Hat Day

To mark National New Hat Day, I thought I'd try this one out. I was tempted by a solid-gold-studded-with-exquisite-gems affair, but decided cotton was more practical.

People Eating Tasty Animals

BBC: Eating fish same as eating cats, Cleethorpes animal rights poster suggestsThe Peta digital billboard shows a fishmonger holding a fish which transforms into an image of a dead cat. Thanks for the tip! I’ve never tried eating cats, but, if it’s even remotely like eating fish, it sounds delicious—and a lot more environmentally friendly.

League of bald-headed men

Down the pub with the in-laws yesterday, I attempted to take a group-selfie. It did not go to plan. But I kind of like the documentary feel of the resulting photo:

Couldn’t run a bath

Guardian: Seemingly ambitious Defra hedgerow targets actually due to typoThérèse Coffey, the environment secretary, has admitted that ambitious figures on hedgerows revealed in January were a typographical error. Meanwhile, in other news, BORIS JOHNSON ACCIDENTALLY TELLS TRUTH.

Keep it clean, please, BBC!

BBC: What’s the cheapest way to stay warm in bed?How could you keep warm at night for the lowest cost?

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Man of the people

Guardian: Boris Johnson ‘agrees to buy’ £4m nine-bed Georgian manor house (with moat)Boris Johnson is understood to have agreed to buy a nine-bedroom Grade II-listed Georgian manor house in Oxfordshire valued at £4m.


Phys.org: A fossil fruit from California shows ancestors of coffee and potatoes survived cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs Erm… I have news for you: it’s not just coffee and spuds—my own ancestors and, indeed, the ancestors of every organism alive today also survived the cataclysm that killed the [non-avian] dinosaurs.

Robot butlers

I was complaining to Jen the other day that, when I was a boy, everyone said that, by this time, we’d all have robot butlers and flying cars. But, on reflection, the biggest technological improvements I’ve seen during my life are: Jen reckoned, if they hadn’t frittered away quite so much time on batteries and… Continue reading Robot butlers

Amateur scholar

A fascinating idea, which I hope bears scrutiny—although I expect it will receive a lot. But my immediate reaction was to question why on earth the BBC felt the need to describe this gentleman as a ‘Londoner’. What has that got to do with anything? So, here are some alternative headlines for you: Personally, I’d… Continue reading Amateur scholar