Well, that’s tasteful!

BBC: King Charles: New royal cypher revealed Call me biased, but the letters R and C compliment each other so well. (But don’t call me Arsey, and don’t call the Charles formerly known as Prince the Bling King.)

Out of respect

Until further notice, out of respect for the late queen, Jen and I will not be listening to any Phil Collins albums. However, to mark Her Majesty’s long life, and years of dedicated service to the nation, this evening we cooked haddock and leek fishcakes. Thank you, ma’am.

Heavy load

This morning, I overtook a concrete lorry manufactured by a company named Cemen Tech. They really need to work on their branding.

Million-pound idea

I think I might finally have come up with a million-pound idea. Jen’s not so sure, but what the hell would she know? I’m putting it out here so nobody can come along later and patent the damn thing… Bacon-scented perfume! Is this a sure-fire winner, or what? The whole point of perfume is to… Continue reading Million-pound idea

Shits desert sinking rat

BBC: Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit Boris Johnson’s cabinet The chancellor and health secretary have resigned from government, saying they no longer have confidence in Boris Johnson to lead the country.

Ring pull

Yesterday was Jen’s and my 30th anniversary as a couple. To mark the occasion, we popped down the local Register Office to sign up for one of those newfangled civil partnership thingies. …And they say I don’t know how to play the long game!