Taking the Mickey

Until this morning, I thought Steamboat Willie was some unmentionable medical condition, but I stand corrected… BBC: Disney’s earliest Mickey and Minnie Mouse enter public domain as US copyright expires

Levelling up London’s potholes

In case you were wondering where the government intends to invest all that ‘saved’ HS2 funding… Department for Transport: Government invests £235 million to upgrade and repair roads across London Allocations for London boroughs to improve capital’s roads announced • long-term investment to make roads safer and smoother using redirected funding from HS2 • according… Continue reading Levelling up London’s potholes

Optical allusions

Admiring a stunning rainbow with my better half… Me: Apparently, the laws of optics have changed… Rainbows didn’t exist until after Noah’s flood. God created them as a promise to the world that He would never flood it again. Jen: All I can say is He seems to have taken His eye off the ball… Continue reading Optical allusions

Not to be confused with Alfred the Cake

It’s not often I feel any kind of sympathy for the Charles formerly known as Prince, but… BBC: King-size creation on display at NEC Cake International Poor bastard! (But I suppose he could always abdicake and eat it.)

Cousin Chris

My music-streaming service (Tidal) just recommended some hip-hop to me. The only reason I can conceive it might do this is if the algorithm decided some chap named ‘Chris Carter’ might be my cousin. (Links are not endorsements.)