“I take my responsibilities seriously”

…says former Prime Minister who failed to turn up at five consecutive Cobra coronavirus meetings. Guardian: ’It is sad to be leaving … for now’: Boris Johnson’s resignation statement in fullBoris Johnson says he is amazed the privileges committee was proceeding against him. Meanwhile, in other news… Guardian: Sunak approves Boris Johnson honours list including… Continue reading “I take my responsibilities seriously”

Couldn’t run a bath

Guardian: Seemingly ambitious Defra hedgerow targets actually due to typoThérèse Coffey, the environment secretary, has admitted that ambitious figures on hedgerows revealed in January were a typographical error. Meanwhile, in other news, BORIS JOHNSON ACCIDENTALLY TELLS TRUTH.

Man of the people

Guardian: Boris Johnson ‘agrees to buy’ £4m nine-bed Georgian manor house (with moat)Boris Johnson is understood to have agreed to buy a nine-bedroom Grade II-listed Georgian manor house in Oxfordshire valued at £4m.

Truss: a turkey

It has finally come to this… Over the last few years, I’ve begun to lose track of who the Prime Minister is. I can remember they’re a useless, cronyist populist, but that’s not exactly helping. “Is it still that liar,” I wonder to myself, “or is it that other liar?” “Is it that over-privileged Old… Continue reading Truss: a turkey

Shits desert sinking rat

BBC: Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit Boris Johnson’s cabinet The chancellor and health secretary have resigned from government, saying they no longer have confidence in Boris Johnson to lead the country.


Me…?The First Lord of the Treasury…?Here, in this place…?At an illicit party…?With unelected bureaucrats…?With my reputation…? (......BINGO!)