Undisclosed sum

BBC: Prince Andrew settles US civil sex assault case So, that’s the end of that for the nonce. Phew! I’m very relieved. With Prince Andrew’s popularity soaring once again, now would seem the perfect time to scoop all the dripping out of our commemorative, black and white Fergie & Andy wedding mug and put it… Continue reading Undisclosed sum


Change needed to tackle climate crisis, says woman with four kids, three castles, two houses, and a palace.

No glow

BBC: Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre on Maxwell arrestA US woman who says she was brought to Britain aged 17 to have sex with Prince Andrew has said he “should be panicking” following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. Panicking, maybe, but certainly not sweating.

Nasty little ginger quit

BBC: In full: The Sussexes' statement and the Buckingham Palace responseThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released a statement saying they intend to step back as senior members of the Royal Family. (See what I did, there?)

It was Gruts what done it!

BBC: Media tactics unravel in run-up to big day How has Kensington Palace, […] which has rolled out the royal wedding plans and strategy over the past few months, dropped the ball so spectacularly in the last four days?… Over the last couple of months announcements have come and gone, by and large slavishly followed… Continue reading It was Gruts what done it!