Change needed to tackle climate crisis, says woman with four kids, three castles, two houses, and a palace.

Jobsworth at work

It’s great to see the post-Brexit Great British workforce, having thrown off the shackles of woke, EU red-tapery, has finally been allowed to rediscover a sense of pride in its work. It’s craftsmanship and a work ethic like this that put us on the moon! 🇬🇧

Face down

For a brief moment this morning, I thought I’d spotted a corpse in the river at the back of the Co-op.

Gambling habit

New York Post: California nun to plead guilty for stealing over $800K to help pay for gambling trips That has got to be worth three Hail Maries and a How’s Your Father! Sister Kreuper, eh? Sister Croupier, more like!

Missing cat

BBC: Houston tiger: Animal missing for a week locatedThe animal was spotted out on the streets on 9 May. When officers arrived at the scene, a man [who was on bail for murder] put the tiger into an SUV and drove off, police said. Houston Police attempted to follow the vehicle but lost sight of… Continue reading Missing cat

News from ‘The North’

Manchester United v. Liverpool: a ‘derby match’… Where I come from, them’s fighting words. But I appreciate the Torygraph is a tad vague with geography north of Hampstead.

Free idea…

Someone should write a browser extension to change every use of the word(s) ‘PM’ or ‘Prime Minister’ to ‘Knobhead’.

There’s no present like the time

My watch is 40 years old today… …a 16th birthday present from my mum. £85—bought in instalments from the Littlewoods catalogue. Thanks, mum.