Planet Earth is flat, and there’s nothing I can’t splat

BBC: 'Mad' Mike Hughes dies after crash-landing homemade rocket
A US daredevil pilot has been killed during an attempted launch of a homemade rocket in the Californian desert. 

"Mad" Mike Hughes, 64, crash-landed his steam-powered rocket shortly after take-off near Barstow on Saturday.

Hughes was well-known for his belief that the Earth was flat. He hoped to prove his theory by going to space.

A flat-earther in a homemade, steam-powered rocket. The quotes around the word Mad are clearly surplus to requirements.

Clearly a Darwin Awards hot favourite.

She Stopes to Conquer

Joan Smith, writing in the February 2020 edition of the Literary Review:

It’s a surprise to discover that [Marie] Stopes was an enthusiastic playwright and even had a play, bizarrely entitled Our Ostriches, performed at the Royal Court Theatre in 1923. […] Another Stopes script drew a sharp rejoinder from George Bernard Shaw: ‘Short of rewriting this play, I can do no more with it than cut 20 pages just to shew you how you should cut the rest,’ he told her.