Hey, Brian!

Pineapples and porcupines…

Both prickly. Both begin with the letter ‘P’.

Coincidence? I'll let you decide.

(Don't get me started on bloody pufferfish.)


Reaching out

I'll tell you what's mildly irritating: people who say ‘reached out to’ when they mean ‘contacted’.

Just listen to yourselves!

The Pop-star Biscuit Game

A somewhat misreported (to make me look even more awesome) conversation with Jen in the car this morning:

R: I’ve just thought of a new game. It’s called the Pop-star Biscuit Game. We take it in turns to name pop-stars who sound like biscuits. For example, Lionel Rich Tea. Your turn…
J: …Limp Bizkit.
R: No, that’s cheating. You can’t have ‘biscuit’ as part of the name. My turn… Jammy Dodger Miller.
R: Godley and Custard Cream.
R: Chocolate Bourbono.
R: Oreo Speedwagon.
R: I was Googling brands of biscuits before we came out. Can you tell?
J: KitKat Stevens.
R: KitKats are wafers, not biscuits.
R: Run Garibaldi MC.
R: I win!

The secret to winning the Pop-star Biscuit Game is planning. Planning and misreporting.

Over to you…

This has got to be Photoshopped, surely…

On the trot

Sydney Morning Herald: Vegetarian diet twice as effective for weight-loss, new research shows

Low-calorie diets are notoriously difficult to maintain in the long-term. But they may be unnecessary. Switching to a vegetarian diet can be twice as effective for weight-loss as counting calories, according to new research.

So is catching dysentery.

Theron lies the difference

BBC: Celebrity names you’re probably saying wrong

As Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot can do anything - apart from getting people to pronounce her name correctly.

Turns out I’ve been mispronouncing Charlize Theron’s name for years.

I wondered why she never returned my calls.