He's a 60 year old man…

…and he likes it.

Happy 60th Birthday, Mark E Smith! What less appropriate way to mark(!) the occasion than with this masterpiece?

Trump inauguration

…two words that should never appear in the same sentence.

As usual, the Fall say all that needs to be said:

Come on, give it a go!

I know what you're wondering: what if the Fall were playing Glastonbury, and Mark E Smith suddenly took it into his head that he'd like to perform an unplanned rendition of Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band's Dropout Boogie?

The result, I should imagine, would go something like this.


My work here is complete.

His armpit hairs are sprouting

A genius at work

Waa, waa!!

Tomorrow, the Fall release their difficult thirtieth album, Re-Mit (Amazon: uk|.com). Here's a sample track:

(Jen reckons they've all been difficult albums.)

Incidentally, tomorrow also sees the start of a new TV cop show, starring Agent Scully from out of The X Files, entitled The Fall. Coincidence? I'll let you decide.

The band by which, in our house, all the others are judged

Just found this previously unreleased 1994 documentary about The Fall on YouTube. It's introduced by John Peel: