32 not out

I made my 32nd consecutive Christmas Eve ascent of Moel Famau earlier today, accompanied, once again, by Carolyn and her clan. More photos here. While I’m at it, compare and contrast… Tempus does indeed fugit. See also: 31 not out 30 not out 29 not out 28 not out 27 not out 26 not out…

Compare and Contrast

BBC (30-Sep-2019): …Prince Harry’s tribute comes after he claimed protecting nature was “fundamental to our survival”. Guardian (31-Oct-2007): Prince Harry quizzed by police about shooting of rare birds

Dick heads

Compare and contrast: Be honest, now: you always knew my head would end up on a spike some day. (On the plus side, this does finally confirm my face to be a work of art.) The above piece is part of artist Jo Pearl’s installation of ceramic heads expressing the six emotions Charles Darwin defined…

Compare and contrast

…I thought it was about time I got my head around Photoshop. It’s ridiculously complicated, but it makes obliterating buildings an absolute doddle.