End of an era

BBC: Old £10 note to disappear next year
If you still have any old £10 notes, make sure you spend them before 1 March next year.
The Bank of England has announced that the old paper notes, featuring naturalist Charles Darwin, will no longer be legal tender after that date.

So, the Darwin tenner will become extinct next March. It had a good run, and was superior in all respects to the Jane Austen note that's replacing it.

Jen's brother almost hit the nail on the head the other week. He complained that the newfangled plastic notes can't be folded properly to slip into his pocket. Being plastic, they keep trying to unfold.

Close, but no banana.

The real reason the new plastic notes are so dreadful is that they frequently won't slip nicely into your wallet because some animal without fully opposable thumbs has tried to fold it to slip inside their walletless pocket.

So, everyone loses.

Come on, you chaps, time to dig deep

Occasional Gruts commenter, Friend of Charles Darwin, ship's master, Yorkshireman, and all-round good egg, Peter McGrath, has finally started accepting PayPal donations for the Beagle Project. The project's aim is to build a working replica of HMS Beagle, celebrating Charles Darwin's 200th anniversary and helping to inspire a new generation of scientists.

This isn't your typical half-baked, internet-based campaign. I'm in regular email contact with Peter, and, if anyone can get this thing built and on the water, it's him. Check out his weblog for more background info.

Go on, I'll be your best mate!