One more time…

Just after the space station had passed over, I saw these really weird lights in our garden. The conspiracy theorists would have a field day.

Steady Mercury

Last night, I spotted the new crescent moon setting over Heptonstall, accompanied by Venus off to the far right. So I grabbed this photo… It was only while I was processing the photo this morning that I realised I'd also bagged Mercury (faint dot, just right of centre). Not bad for a 300mm telephoto lens…

Compare and contrast

…I thought it was about time I got my head around Photoshop. It’s ridiculously complicated, but it makes obliterating buildings an absolute doddle.

A fowl habit

I know exactly what you're thinking: where can I find a photograph of a young kid nonchalantly smoking a fag next to a large cockerel?

Vote for me!

The Hebden Bridge Times and Todmorden News are running a ridiculously complicated photography competition, and I have entered.