Book review: ‘A Book Of Days’ by Patti Smith

‘A Book of Days’ by Patti Smith

Patti Smith is one of those people you admire simply for being who they are; a person who has never sold out, and who continues to delight simply by continuing to be herself. What you hope and expect from Patti Smith is very much what you get.

A Book of Days is effectively a selection from Patti Smith’s Instagram feed in book format. It comprises 366 photographs to take you through the year one day at a time. Most of the photos are by Smith, although some are borrowed from elsewhere to mark particular anniversaries. Each image is accompanied by brief, often thought-provoking, ruminations by Smith. The photos depict a mix of Smith’s passions, her travels, and her personal life. To absorb the images and accompanying text is to be allowed a daily glimpse inside the mind of a dedicated artist.

On 28th August, marking the birthday of German poet and polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Smith remarks:

Great works inspire, the rest is up to us.

Well, exactly. Thanks, Ms. Smith, for sharing your inspirations, and for inspiring us in your own unique way.


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