Book Review: ‘The Creative Act’ by Rick Rubin

‘The Creative Act’ by Rick Rubin

I was inspired to read this book by Vashik Armenikus’s video Rick Rubin: 5 Mistakes Artists Make (and how to avoid them).

Rick Rubin is a famous American record producer. The Creative Act comprises numerous short chapters expounding on the general subject of creativity. I suspect each chapter began as a separate note somewhere, as each one stands in its own right, making the book an ideal one to dip into occasionally.

As with similar books I’ve read, I found certain sections of The Creative Act extremely relevant to my current areas of concern, and others far less so. This is not in any way intended as a criticism. As I move between projects (and phases of projects), my areas of concern will no doubt change, so a re-reading of this book might well provide further, now-relevant insights.

Most of the advice Rubin offers seems well-considered and sensible, although occasional hippie-esque sentiments and references to spirituality jarred with this particular reader. I found myself making copious notes on the sections that interested me, which provided opportunities to reflect on my own creative endeavours.

A useful book. One to re-read in a couple of years’ time, I reckon.

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