Molly Carter (2006–2021)

My late mum’s dog (and, since 2009, my dad’s dog and companion), Molly, died yesterday, exactly 12 years to the day after my mum died. Molly was, as I’m sure you’ll realise, the best dog ever. We’ll all miss her. Thanks, Pups! See also: Meet Molly Carter

Dangerous perversion

BBC News: Doctor Hossam Metwally poisoned partner in ‘exorcism ritual’An anaesthetist who poisoned his partner in a series of botched exorcism ceremonies is facing jail.Hossam Metwally, 61, performed a “dangerous perversion” of the Islamic Ruqya ritual on Kelly Wilson at the couple’s home in Grimsby. The implication seems to be that not all exorcism ceremonies… Continue reading Dangerous perversion