Robot butlers

I was complaining to Jen the other day that, when I was a boy, everyone said that, by this time, we’d all have robot butlers and flying cars. But, on reflection, the biggest technological improvements I’ve seen during my life are: Jen reckoned, if they hadn’t frittered away quite so much time on batteries and… Continue reading Robot butlers

Ambient track

Jen and I were watching the film Collateral last night when I realised the tune playing in the background was the same tune that plays in the background during the car chase through Paris in The Bourne Identity. Out of curiosity, I asked the Shazam feature on my iPhone to identify the tune. But before… Continue reading Ambient track

Moo-ser interface

BBC: Russian cows get VR headsets ‘to reduce anxiety’ A Russian farm has given its dairy cows virtual reality headsets in a bid to reduce their anxiety. I can’t help noticing cows in VR headsets look considerably less stupid than people in VR headsets.

His best shot

Somebody up there Whom I don’t believe in took His best shot with a lightning bolt yesterday. He was wide of the mark by a good 20 metres, but managed to take out a nearby telegraph pole. The ensuing electrical surge fried our landline, hub, data bridge, and expensive laser printer. Somewhat miraculously, our even… Continue reading His best shot