Every Friday (pretty much) for the past 300 six years, I’ve tweeted a link to a YouTube video of a musical masterpiece by The Fall, thoughtfully labelled with the hashtags #FallFriday and #waa! This morning, this happened… That would be Paul Hanley from out of The Fall. In yer face, Tanita Tikaram! Social media is/are… Continue reading #FallFriday

Viral marketing

Typically, my tweets on Twitter receive around 0–1 replies, 0–2 ‘Likes’, and 0–1 ‘Retweets’. Then, last night, I tweeted the following: If only I’d thought to include a shameless plug for my book at the same time! Schoolboy error.


The vitally, vitally important message Boris ‘Bus-liar’ Johnson is trying to convey here is, if and when UK Covid-19 death rates begin to rise again because people were pressurised into going back to work too early, it most definitely won’t be his fault… We just didn’t play our roles and ‘#StayAlert’ enough to ‘CONTROL THE… Continue reading #StayAlert!!!