Fucking imbeciles

BBC: Article 50: May signs letter that will trigger BrexitThe letter will be delivered to the EU on Wednesday, marking formal notice of the UK's exit.

Things I never thought I'd need to point out to an adult in a baker's shop

Do you realise you're on a scooter?

Timely warning

I know people complain that it's nothing but porn and stupid cat videos, but this internet thing has the potential to save lives. This week alone, we have learnt not to eat live cockroaches nor to drink liquid nitrogen.

If I might be allowed to add my tuppence-worth, it is also a very bad idea to run with scissors—especially outside in the snow and ice. A timely warning, I'm sure you'll agree, as winter draws on.

These things need saying, apparently.


Regular Gruts readers (there are such creatures, apparently) will know that I occasionally like to point out logical fallacies in people's arguments. Sometimes, however, the people in question take all the skill out of it.

[Hat-tip to Pharyngula.]


On Tuesday lunchtime, I saw a hoodie cruising round the Albert Dock in Liverpool, blaring gangsta rap from his pastel-blue Peugeot 205.

Not exactly a gangsta's car.

You are the Weakest Link...

Anne Robinson: Which three-letter word beginning with 'D' is a colloquial name for a parent?
Contestant: Mum.

Walk of Shame

On The Weakest Link last night:

Anne Robinson: In 2006, the TV series Le Bureau was the French version of which popular British sit-com?
Confident Contestant: Only Fools and Horses.