Wise before and after the event

So, Boris ‘bus-liar’ Johnson’s chief political strategist, Dominic Cumberbatch—or someone with access to the password for his blog, at least—has been caught retrospectively doctoring an old blog post to make himself look far more prescient than he really is.

That really is a very cheap trick. But it doesn’t surprise me one iota. In fact, I think you’ll find I saw this exact thing coming over a year ago, in February 2019.

Steady Mercury

Last night, I spotted the new crescent moon setting over Heptonstall, accompanied by Venus off to the far right. So I grabbed this photo…

Moonset over Heptonstall
Moonset over Heptonstall last night

It was only while I was processing the photo this morning that I realised I'd also bagged Mercury (faint dot, just right of centre).

Not bad for a 300mm telephoto lens hand-held at a ridiculously long ⅙ of a second.


The vitally, vitally important message Boris ‘Bus-liar’ Johnson is trying to convey here is, if and when UK Covid-19 death rates begin to rise again because people were pressurised into going back to work too early, it most definitely won’t be his fault… We just didn’t play our roles and ‘#StayAlert’ enough to ‘CONTROL THE VIRUS’.

Absolutely no danger of that happening here. I remain on the highest possible level of alert…

Staying alert
Note the snazzy new lockdown haircut.