Nanny states

BBC: US driver in ‘Bird Box blindfold’ crashes in Utah
Police in the US state of Utah have taken the unusual step of urging residents not to drive blindfolded after an online challenge inspired by a horror film led to a crash.

BBC: Don’t lie down on bombs, Dutch warned
The Dutch public have been warned it is “strictly ill-advised to lie down on a bomb”, after a man did just that for about three hours.

2018 in a nutshell

So that was 2018. The year we lost Mark E Smith, Aretha Franklin, and June Whitfield. The year a mentally unstable narcissist somehow remained in the Whitehouse. The year the UK Government continued to act like a petulant child with the EU. The year in which Her Majesty’s official opposition carried on doing sod all to oppose them.

On the plus side, I took some more photos. So here’s my eighth annual video slideshow review of the year:

(Click the arrows bottom-right next to the word Vimeo to view the slideshow in full-screen mode.)

Consistent as ever, as in the previous seven years, this year’s slideshow contains 97 photos.

Once again, I composed the ambient pap backing track. It is called Dumb and Base:

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