Books I read in 2007

A list of the 14 books read by me during 2007.

Granta 96: War Zones
by Ian Jack (ed.)
A collection of writing (loosely) themed around war zones.

Parasite Rex
by Carl Zimmer
The weird and wonderful ways in which parasites make a living.

The Reluctant Mr Darwin
by David Quammen
Handy analysis of Darwin's procrastination over publishing Origin of Species.

The Confusion
by Neal Stephenson
Part two of the historical page-turner, The Baroque Cycle.

Fencing Paradise
by Richard Mabey
A series of essays about man's relationship with plants.

by Steve Jones
Expositions on assorted scientific subject, using coral as the unifying theme.

Granta 97: Best of Young American Novelists 2
by Ian Jack (ed.)
Granta's latest selection of promising young American writers.

Darwin's Origin of Species: a biography
by Janet Browne
A short biography of one of the most revolutionary books ever written.

HMS Beagle: Survey Ship Extraordinary
by Karl Heinz Marquardt
Meticulously detailed ship's plans of HMS Beagle, for anyone thinking of making a model or replica.

The Flight of the Iguana
by David Quammen
Science, journalistic and autobiographical essays.

Crow Country
by Mark Cocker
A naturalist's pursuit of rooks and jackdaws.

Granta 98: The Deep End
by Ian Jack (ed.)
'People whose experience of life suggests they have something to tell us about survivial.'

The Evolutionists
by J David Hoeveler
How Darwinian thinking influenced other disciplines in the USA.

The Wild Places
by Robert Macfarlane
Author seeks the remaining wild places of Britain and Ireland.