Kingsley Amis on Mr Carter

Entry in St John's College (Oxford) Junior Combination Room Suggestion Book - Hilary Term, 1948:


Won't anybody tell Mr. Carter that using long words ISN'T FUNNY in itself, that the only emotions roused by the sight of a new Carter letter (Christ) are SAVAGE BOREDOM, felt physically like a pang of earache, and CRAPPING CONTEMPT, that his writing is the product of LOP-EARED ANALITY, and that he has been behaving stupidly and talking piss FAR TOO LONG, that he can do so on his own AS MUCH AS HE LIKES, but that we are TIRED of being forced to share his LITTLE PRIVATE HELL OF SILLINESS? Won't somebody? Only my dread of the BUMFACED DONKEYNESS of the reply this will provoke from him has stopped me from asking before.


K.W. Amis

From: The Letters of Kingsley Amis, edited by Zachary Leader.

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