Books I read in 2010

A list of the 14 books read by me during 2010.

The Country Formerly Known as Great Britain
by Ian Jack
Fantasic collection of recollections.

Granta 107
by John Freeman (ed.)
Uncharacteristically unthemed.

by Roger Deakin
A celebration of all things arboreal.

by Ronald Blythe
Classic oral history from an amalgam of Suffolk villages.

by Roger Deakin
A celebration of all things natatorial.

The Voyage of the Beagle
by Charles Darwin
Darwin's first masterpiece.

A Brush With Nature
by Richard Mabey
The best of Mabey's BBC Wildlife magazine pieces.

Darwin in Scotland
by JF Derry, FCD
Darwin's influences and influencees north of the border.

Darwin's Mysterious Illness
by Robert Youngson
13-page booklet examining the possible causes for Darwin's illness.

Granta 108: Chicago
by John Freeman (ed.)
Pieces about the Windy City.

by WG Sebald

The Unofficial Countryside
by Richard Mabey
How nature can sometimes thrive in man-made environments.

At the Water's Edge
by John Lister-Kaye
Famous nature writer's observations from his daily circular walk.

A Year at Bottengoms Farm
by Ronald Blythe
Very gentle, very English book from a C. of E. lay canon.