FAQ: What's the difference between my liver and my kidneys?

Your liver is a large, vascular, glandular organ which plays an important role in digestion (such as the production of bile). It converts carbohydrates to glycogen, which it then stores, and it elaborates many important substances, especially of the blood. It is located in the upper right portion of your abdominal cavity immediately below your diaphragm.

Your kidneys are a pair of abdominal organs which filter impurities from the blood and excrete them as urine. They also help to maintain acidity and other important chemical characteristics in the blood at a constant level.


  1. The liver is useful for digestion and for the storade of glycogen.

  2. Liver it plays the important role of digestion such as e production of bile

  3. @Samuel becuse the heart that pumps blood in and around our body doesnt exist? What about our lungs WHICH ARE THE REASON WE AN BREATH! A shot to the heart is almost always instantly fatel, while a shot to the liver/kidney can wait a bet generally. (Rick and Morty "whos purging now")

  4. The liver is where your neurons do braining and the kidney is another word for "foot."

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