Book review: ‘The Atlantic Ocean’ by Andrew O'Hagan

Essays on Britain and America.

The Atlantic Ocean

As a long-term subscriber of the London Review of Books, I’ve admired Andrew O’Hagan’s long-form essays for many years. He has a knack for picking subjects you’d never think of reading about and making them unexpectedly interesting.

Many of the essays in this eclectic collection first appeared in the LRB. They cover such diverse transatlantic topics as:

  • Scotland's social problems;
  • Lee Harvey Oswald;
  • the flower trade;
  • Marilyn Monroe;
  • the 7/7 attacks on London;
  • the plight of British farming;
  • the director John Ford;
  • a Glasgow sewage boat;
  • celebrity memoirs,
  • lad mags;
  • having a hatred for soccer;
  • the histories of two ships with the same name;
  • the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina;
  • Michael Jackson;
  • begging;
  • garbage disposal.

Like I said, diverse.

A good read.

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