2012 in a nutshell

As per last January, I've put together a video slideshow summing up the year just gone. Also as per last January, it contains 97 photos. I'm nothing if not consistent. Here it is.

(Click the play button and then the arrows next to the word Vimeo to view in full-screen mode.)

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Ambient Pap, Track 02: Sulfa

Great news! Track 2 of my album Ambient Pap is now available for free download. Like its predecessor, it is designed to be played in an infinite loop. For what I hope are obvious reasons, the track is entitled Sulfa.

It's a gift.

Ambient Pap, Track 01: Synthetic Hip

Last April, you might remember that I came up with a list of new music genres.

As nobody else has yet seen fit to record music in any of these new genres, I have decided to put together my own album of Ambient Pap tracks. Here is the first track, which I have named Synthetic Hip in honour of the aforementioned post last April. The track is designed to be played in a continuous loop (which should come in very handy when I need some background music for a video):

Or, to put it another way, Jen bought me an iPad for my birthday. She is one cool dude.