Nature Cure

by Richard Mabey.

Nature writer recovers from depression by reconnecting with nature.

Nature Cure

Very difficult to describe: this book begins as the famous nature writer Richard Mabey begins to recover from a major bout of depression. He is forced to move house, and gradually rediscovers the joys of Nature.

For some reason, it reminded me of The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald—and not just because it is set in East Anglia.

A good book.

Postscript, August 2013: I first read Nature Cure in 2006. I have just re-read it. With hindsight, it was one of the books that first got me hooked on ‘nature writing’. It's an excellent read, and one of the best books in a very large field (no pun intended). But I have no idea what I was on about with the Sebald reference in my original brief review above!

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