Granta 125: After the War

by Sigrid Rausing (ed.)

The end of an era.

Granta 125

This was the end of an era for me: my final edition of Granta. I cancelled my subscription of many years some months ago. Since Ian Jack left as editor a few years back, Granta seems to have become increasing obsessed with fiction at the expense of non-fiction. I subscribed to Granta for the non-fiction.

The theme of Granta 125 was After the War. I'll be honest, as has become more and more common in recent months, I skipped several (fiction) articles. But there was some good stuff in there. Especially Lindsey Hilsum's moving piece, The Rainy Season, about the aftermath of the war in Rwanda; and Patrick French's piece, After the War about the death of his Irish uncle, Maurice Dease, the first man to be awarded the Victoria Cross during the First World War.

Farewell, Granta. You were great once.

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