Granta 133

by Sigrid Rausing (ed.)

What Have We Done?

Granta 133

I gave up my longstanding subscription to Granta a few years ago as it seemed to be publishing more fiction at the expense of non-fiction. But Granta 133 was advertised as including non-fiction articles by acclaimed ‘nature’ writers, Barry Lopez, Kathleen Jamie, and the late Roger Deakin (introduced by Robert Macfarlane). So I thought I should give it a go. In truth, the Deakin article, while typically entertaining, was disappointingly short, but I enjoyed the Lopez article, and thought Jamie's account of a trip up a river in Alaska was excellent. I also enjoyed, if that's the right word, some rather gruesome journalism by Adam Nicholson about rural murders in Romania. As usual, I skipped most of the fiction.

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