Book review: ‘The Overhaul’ by Kathleen Jamie

A fantastic book of, erm… poetry!

The Overhaul

When I ‘discovered’ Kathleen Jamie's two collections of essays, Findings and Sightlines, in 2012, she instantly became (pretty much) my favourite writer. She has a way with words—as you might expect from a poet. So I decided it was about time to give her poetry a shot.

I make a habit of claiming that I don't get poetry. It's true, I don't. But I've always felt that certain poetry did at least have something worth getting.

With the exception of a couple written in Scots dialect, I got these poems. In fact, I thought they were pretty fantastic. Especially the ones about a spring flood, and watching the Galilean Moons through a telescope.

Bloody hell! I actually enjoyed some poetry!

Postscript (March 2015): I have just re-read The Overhaul, and enjoyed it even more the second time.

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