The Creative Life in Photography

by Brooks Jensen

Thoughts on photography.

The Creative Life in Photography

I've been enjoying Brook Jensen's short podcasts about photography for several years. So, when I heard that he had a book out, taken from articles previously published in his LensWork magazine, I thought I should read it.

Jensen sees photography very much as an art form, which its practitioners should approach like other artists approach their own art forms. One theme that emerges very clearly from this book is that the actual taking of a photograph is only a very small part of the creation process. In this respect alone, Jensen provides much food for thought.

One key idea which really sank in with me was the idea of compartmentalising your photography into ‘projects’. When you go out taking photographs, you should always have one or more of your projects in mind. And you should give special thought to the final format(s) your projects will take. Like all excellent advice, this seems obvious with hindsight, but it's not an approach I have (usually) followed. I will from now on.

A though-provoking read.

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