Book review: ‘Agent Running in the Field’ by John le Carré

Agent Running in the Field

Like all of John le Carré’s spy novels, Agent Running in the Field describes what feels like a far more realistic form of spycraft, without all the sexy James Bond and Spooks gizmos. But who knows how spies actually carry on in the real world? Either way, it’s a great tribute to le Carré that we assume real spycraft must be very much like this.

Agent Running in the Field is set in a post-Brexit-vote Britain; in a nation that has very much become second-tier. (We Remainers knew it would all end in tiers.) The Cold War might be over, but Russian agents are still interfering in our affairs, exploiting our pettiness, and dividing the West.

Anything more would be a spoiler, but this novel is a real page-turner.

Highly recommended, if spy novels are your thing.

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