Nature's Child: Encounters with Wonders of the Natural World

by John Lister-Kaye.

Delightful book about encouraging a young daughter's love of nature.

Nature's Child

A nice book book, particularly if you are the parent of a young child. In it, conservationist John Lister-Kaye describes his exploits in the wild with his young daughter, encouraging the love she already had for the natural world. There are a couple of hair-raising moments, particularly one involving a seal. The only downer: my paperback version was printed on extremely crappy paper, with extremely miserly margins, which made reading the book surprisingly difficult. I am fed up of poorly produced books. Had I known in advance, I would have bought the Kindle version.

Actually, no, that wasn't the only downer. Very early on in the book, Lister-Kaye repeats the tired (and totally incorrect) observation that 'there is little place for wonder in science'. I do wish people wouldn't spout such nonsense. What do they think makes people decide to become scientists in the first place?

But don't let that put you off: Nature's Child is still a very nice book.

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