by Robert Macfarlane, Stanley Donwood & Dan Richards

Beautiful, but expensive.


Holloway is a very beautiful book. Stunningly illustrated by Stanley Donwood, its first edition ran to only 277 copies, and was produced using traditional printing techniques. This new edition is for the mass market.

The book explores the idea of holloways: ancient sunken tracks found in certain parts of the country. For Robert Macfarlane fans, and those of his late friend Roger Deakin, holloways will be familiar territory. As the fans would expect, the words are every bit as wonderful as the illustrations.

But Holloway is not a long book. It is more of a freeform essay. You could, as I did, read it from cover to cover in a leisurely quarter-of-an-hour. Yet it cost £14.99.

I call that rather expensive. Beautiful, but expensive.

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By Richard Carter

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