Back to the Front

by The Magic Band.

Breathing new life into some old Beefheart classics.

Who'd have thought it? After a gap of over 20 years, some members of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band have got back together and re-recorded a selection of classic Beefheart tracks, with John 'Drumbo' French substituting for the Captain on vocals and harmonica. And the great news is that, after all these years, they can still knock most other bands into a cocked hat. Amazing when you consider that the album was recorded during an early rehearsal session.

French manages to sound eerily like the Captain, even though he very sensibly doesn't try to match the Captain's legendarily powerful, long, lunar notes, and his harp playing—accomplished thought it is—isn't a patch on the Captain's. But, then again, whose is?

Put any misgivings you might have to one side. Every Beefheart fan should own a copy.

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