What I did on my day off

Opening the treasure chestCarolyn and her three children came to my house for the first time yesterday and it was a very long journey in the car and they had to drive up a steep hill that their mum found frightening but they weren't scared and they were very brave because they went exploring down my cellar with their torches which they needed because someone had taken the light bulb out and they found a treasure map which I had never seen before honestly which was made by Cap'n Braces the Yorkshire pirate and they dug up the treasure which was in a treasure chest buried in the garden under a stone marked with an X and they had to follow some clues to find the key which was down a hole in the patio with bars on it so they had to get the key with a magnet on a piece of string and then they had some orange juice which they didn't like because it had bits in it and then we all went for a ride on the steam train and we ate our sandwiches on the train and then we got a Cranky the Crane from the Thomas the Tank Engine shop and then we went back to my house and we had another drink and then they went home and it took them three hours on the motorway.

Richard Saves the Day

Last week, Carolyn asked me to do her 'a big favour': would I mind picking up eleven toy bicycles for her to put in some party bags she is putting together for her young son's birthday party next weekend? I said I'd do my best, but, in the end, I could only get five. Today, I met Carolyn for coffee:

"Here are those toy bikes you wanted."
"Brilliant! I managed to get some more at the weekend, so now I have enough for one each."
"So does that mean I saved the day?"
"Does that mean I saved the day?"
"Well, I saved the day as well, because I got some of the bikes."
"Yes, but as far as you are concerned, it's me who saved the day…"
"Well, let's say we both saved the day."
"No, let's not. Admit it: it was me who saved the day as far as you're concerned."
"OK, I admit it."
"No, say it; say, 'You saved the day'."
"[Sigh] You saved the day."
"No, don't whisper; say it so I can hear it!"
"You saved the day."

So there you have it, it's official: I saved the day!