Junk Mail and Unsolicited Phone Calls

Having recently changed address and phone number, I thought I'd better try to minimize the amount of junk mail and unsolicited phone calls I receive.

In Britain, there are two organisations (both run by the industries responsible for all the junk mail and unsolicited phone calls) with which you can register to opt out of receiving such mail/calls. These are the Mailing Preference Service and the Telephone Preference Service. The fact that you have to opt out, as opposed to opt in, is annoying in the extreme.

For some reason (I can't image why), I found it extremely difficult to track down these organisations' contact details - especially their on-line registration pages. Here are their details:

Mailing Preference Service

You can register with the MPS on-line at:


Alternatively, you can contact the MPS at:

Mailing Preference Service,
Freepost 22,
London. W1E 7EZ.
e-mail: mps@dma.org.uk

Telephone Preference Service

You can register your telephone number with the TPS by calling:

0845 070 0707

…although it's a rather complex process.

You can also register with the TPS on-line at:


Alternatively, you can contact the TPS at:

Telephone Preference Service,
5th Floor, Haymarket House,
1, Oxendon Street,
London. SW1Y 4EE.
Tel: 020 7766 4420
Fax: 020 7976 1886
e-mail: tps@dma.org.uk

Postscript: Fax Preference Service

A reader of this article has kindly forwarded me the telephone number of the Fax Preference Service. It is:

0845 070 0702

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