One drawback of running a Charles Darwin website is that you occasionally get pestered by religious loonies. Such a problem did it become at one stage that I went so far as to publish a polite note on the site, explaining why I won't be wasting any more of my time crossing swords with them - but still they keep writing. Here's the start of the latest offering, which is nuttier than a tit feeder:

This discovery has been published in the "Turkish Daily News" and in 18 others publications, including "Shekulli", the most important daily of Albania. The authorities are reluctant to its publication, but I hope that your editorial staff will be not afraid of it and that your news agency is independent.

Of the Truth of Paradise and the Flood: Of the End of Christianity

Replace the legend of the flood with the perspective of a Deucalion, a Pyrrha, a Noah that is a fetus and not yet adult, and everything is illuminated: The diluvial waters are the memory in the fetus of the flow of the uterine water which precedes all birth 'I will make disappear all life on earth': The flow of uterine waters from the mother's womb constitutes a cataclysmic change for the fetus: Its entire universe disappears. The fetus has no other choice but to advance. He has to be born or die According to Christian theology, which is to say according to the explanation of the world by the Christians, man was created as an immortal in the beginning. He lost this dignity by a fault of the first man, Adam, against God.

So there you have it.

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