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BBC: 'Secret of Life' Discovery Turns 50
Fifty years ago, on 28 February 1953, Francis Crick walked into the Eagle pub in Cambridge, UK, and announced something for which he would later share a Nobel Prize. "We have found the secret of life," his collaborator and subsequent fellow Nobel laureate James Watson later quoted him as saying.

When I was at university, one of my archaeology tutors confessed to being completely in awe of 'you scientists'. He explained how he had been at Cambridge in 1953, and often used to hear Crick and Watson talking in the pub about something called DNA. He said he hadn't been able to understand a word they were saying.

In celebration of this very significant anniversary, I should like to take this opportunity to publish a poem I composed in a different public house several years ago. (Fitz reckons he wrote it, but, as usual, he's wrong.)

Deoxyribonucleic acid
Cannot be passed on if your penis is flaccid.

I thank you.

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