I don't believe it: two of my predictions come true in a single news story: "Fact: gnarly rhino" and "Frantic horny gal"…

East African Standard: Joy as endangered rhino gives birth [12-Apr-03]
Kenya's Meru National Park is celebrating a rare arrival of a new-born white rhino… One of the nine endangered white rhinos translocated to the park in March has given birth to a healthy calf - the first one in the park in 20 years… [P]hoto journalists who accompanied wardens in the search of the new born calf were, however, disappointed when the mother rhino vehemently refused to welcome them close to her baby.

Yes, it's a fact: a female rhino (i.e. a horny gal) has given birth and is now vehemently (i.e. franticly) defending her offspring.

So where's the gnarly? It's a bloody rhino: they're all gnarly, for Pete's sake!

And, while I'm in the business of special pleading, how's this for yet another prediction that came true:

BBC: Radcliffe raises the standard [14-Apr-03]
In the space of 12 months, Paula Radcliffe has catapulted women's marathon running into unimagined territory. Since her debut win in last year's London Marathon, Britain's distance queen has improved her own best by over three and a half minutes. And in taking 1min 53secs off her world record on Sunday, Radcliffe ran more than two minutes quicker than Britain's legendary male marathon runner Jim Peters.

Well, she's a woman (or, if you'll forgive the expression a girl), she certainly ran, and she must have been bloody hot by the end of the race… And, to cap it all, she's British - fancy!. (Hot girl ran. Fancy! Geddit?)

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