Freewheeling part 2

Exactly two months ago, I discovered that I could freewheel my car from my house all the way into town—a distance of just under a mile.

Mile, schmile… This evening, on my way home from work, I discovered that I could freewheel my car all the way down the B6138 through Cragg Vale—that's a magnificent 5.4 miles!

I tried the same stunt yesterday, but failed when I caught up with a learner driver who was all over the bloody road. I nearly didn't make it today either: half-way down, some hat-wearing slowcoach in a beige Nissan Sunny pulled out in front of me and trundled agonisingly sensibly down the hill, hitting the brakes at the merest hint of a bend (of which there are many). I seriously considered trying to overtake him, but instead eased back on one of the steeper sections and let him pull away from me—which must have been something of a unique experience for him.

Menaces like that shouldn't be allowed on our roads.

Postscript: The record is now 5.7 miles—I found a bit more road at either end. Next time I'm slaloming.

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