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BBC: 'More IVF' on the NHS
Couples could be offered IVF treatment on the NHS, it has been reported. Infertile women under 40 will be offered up to six cycles of IVF at a potential cost of £15,000 a patient, according to the Daily Mail.

Bloody madness. There are genuinely ill people waiting for hip replacements, heart surgery, and cancer treatment; there are people paying for prescriptions for real ailments (major and minor); there are people who can't find a local NHS dentist; and we're going to spend £15,000 a shot (or, rather, half-dozen shots), trying to help perfectly healthy, infertile couples to conceive. Bonkers.

I'm sorry, but when it comes to this subject, my usual liberal views go straight out the window. The ability to bear children is not a human right, and being unable to do so is not an illness.

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